1- Websites Development

Front-end Development, Responsive Website Design, CMS Development, Development Consulting, Support and Maintenance

Konzign helps businesses plan, design, build, manage, market and monetize websites. Either you are a corporation, government organization, nonprofit or a startup – we can create a website for you that not just meet your goals but delivers beyond. We listen to your requirements and add our strategic recommendations, and deliver it. You give us the idea and we will make sure it works. And that’s a Konzign promise.

2- UI/UX Design

Mobile Applications: Strategy, Design, Prototype, Development, Experience

Mobile devices are the most powerful and widespread digital tools. Aesthetically creative design and great user experience are about injecting empathy into everything you do. Work with Konzign to design the best possible experience for your users. With our years of experience of designing ideation, creating wireframes, interactive prototypes and developing apps -We are here to improve your product or service, we develop campaigns, applications, and design experiences that put your brand at your customer’s fingertips and outdo competitors.

3- Brand Design

Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Type Design, Lettering, Brand Communications, Collateral, Marketing Materials, Brand Launch, Additional Brand Assets, Brand Guidelines

You need a significantly effective brand strategy to stand out your brand concept. Then comes the “look and feel” of your brand. The brand identity, brand assets, digital branding, retail, and packaging establish your brand values and outstand it. Did we mention that we have the exceptional designers standing ready to give your brand a unique look and feel?

4- Internet Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing (PPC)

Internet marketing has disrupted businesses in all aspects. When you want to choose a brand, peers recommendations are at the top, and various channels of social media are where these recommendations are happening. We develop customized social media strategies, attention seeking advertising campaign, keywords analysis and the global business avenues related to business needs, market trends, and user inspiration.

5- E- and M-Commerce

Omnichannel Mobile Apps, e-Commerce Portals

The retail industry is at an inflection point. Modern customers want to buy anything, anytime, anywhere. Purchasing behavior is omnichannel – in-store, online and on third-party websites. From a startup to a giant, like Amazon, digital commerce has become an important transaction channel. At Konzign, we work out the strategies, design the omnichannel user experience and implement the technical solutions to make commerce and brand experiences go hand-in-hand to drive your sales to the next level by also providing data-driven, predictive analytics.

6- Brand Content

Copywriting, Content Strategy and Production, Tagline Exploration, Naming, Communications Style Guides, Internal Company Materials, Verbal Identity and Guidelines, Messaging

Brand content is the key element that differentiates you from the rest of lot. It gives you the edge, the life that your brand needs. Effective brand content is concise; it evolves with the speed of culture and at times speaks volumes.  The rewards of effective content marketing speak for themselves, but the path to get there is tough. To get it right and get it working takes time, ingenuity and a constant eye on the future – not to mention a broad range of skills and a commitment to editorial excellence – and that is what we are specialized in.

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